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Every website needs to be hosted on a server so it is accessible and available to the public. At Pendulum, we take great pride in providing a well-maintained and modern hosting infrastructure and your Drupal, Craft CMS or WordPress websites will be well looked after.

We lease our dedicated server from Positive Internet Ltd, a UK based hosting specialist focused on running an industry-leading infrastructure and maintaining local green energy sources. Our dedicated server only shares its resources with other websites hosted by Pendulum, ensuring both its integrity and guarantee of no resource over-usage, as well as delivering a high level of performance and reliability for every website.

Our current pricing is available; We are happy to discuss your requirements to determine which of our packages is most suitable for your website and bespoke packages are also available to suit your needs.

WordPress Hosting Service and Pricing

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TripConsul web app design for mobile. Backend API database and service integrations

Web application and backend hosting

Managed support for your web application and backend hosting with AWS and Azure and other distributed services powering your web infrastructure.

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The tools behind the team

AWS, Azure and many more ...

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Whether you’re after brand creation, print collateral, User Interface Design and Development, website or app development, or a fully managed end to end service, our in-house design and development team can help.

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