Project summary

Absolute Taste approached Pendulum with the requirement for a travel catering app design to showcase their in-flight catering service. Pendulum undertook a comprehensive planning and wireframing phase before the commencement of the front-end design. Due to the vast number of menu items, a well-structured and intuitive UI design was required that allowed the user to create orders quickly and efficiently.

Absolute Taste app menu screen UI design on mobile

The travel catering app design process

When designing the app for both iOS and Android we were conscious of creating a UI that was familiar for both user types. Whilst applying the Absolute Taste brand styling in regards to fonts and colour, we ensured we didn’t stray too far from the respective operating systems recommended design guides.

A key aspect of the project was ensuring the large number of menu items were accessible quickly through a well crafted and refined user interface. A requirement was that all recipes should be accompanied by high quality photography, which needed prominent placement within the app to create interest and impact. The end result was the delivery of a well organised catalogue of menu items that could be accessed and ordered efficiently by their customers.


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Absolute Taste native app design shown on smart phone. Travel catering app design.