Native app screen design shown on iPhone X

Project summary

We initially worked with the client to determine the fundamental requirements for the user interface. From an early stage it was apparent the client wanted an efficient and fluid user experience for their customers to get to the information they required and book as quickly as possible. This involved the production of a series of interactive wireframes. These were tested and refined until we reached a point where all intended app outcomes were achieved in three steps. At this point we were able to apply the brand style to the wireframes and introduce all associated copy and imagery.

Airport lounges native app in design in use

The travel app design process

Having refined and updated the design visuals to a point of near completion we worked with the developers in order to build the app. The development phase of the project involved ongoing collaboration, working on minor design updates and supplying optimised graphical assets where required.

UI Design

Native app screen design shown on iPhone X
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