TripConsul front-end homepage design

Project summary

TripConsul required a trip management application that enabled overseas travellers to plan trips to London, guided by local residents with local area knowledge. This original concept required a unique approach to the customer-facing website, presented with a jargon-free tone of voice. We planned the web app from the ground up, undertaking a lengthy wireframing phase in order to create an intuitive and fluid booking process for the user.

TripConsul app design on mobile

TripConsul web app design shown on mobile

The travel app design and development process

The project consisted of two main areas. The front-end customer facing web app design and development and the tour booking management system design and development. The tour booking management system involved a comprehensive wireframing phase to ensure the customer user experience was streamlined and functional. Only once we’d done extensive user testing did we begin applying the design styling.

Despite a company name change to CityUnscripted the underlying original framework development is still in place and provides the powerful ‘backbone’ to the system.


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