Sports analytics platform on iPad image

Project summary

The brief required the interpretation of complex data, received from a number of innovative ‘on-pitch’ devices that captured football player performance. The application is used by club managers in an outdoor and indoor environment meaning that the UI design needed to be highly functional and easy to navigate. Our approach was to devise a series of interactive wireframes enabling us to refine the platform architecture and create a user interface that was intuitive and intelligently structured.

Player distance versus acceleration statistics screen on iPad
Player comparison statistics overview screen on iPad
Player comparison statistics graph screen on iPad

The process

Once the UI design stage had gone through several rounds of refinement and the user interface had been approved the visuals passed over to the UI development team. The development necessitated close interpretation of the design visuals, specifically in the implementation of the coding required to display the graphs. The graphical data was designed to have high impact and legibility and the development team went through many user-orientated test scenarios before we were satisfied with the user experience.

Sports analytics summary screen on iPad

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