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Project summary

The Sock!t polling platform user interface design and development was a complex undertaking. Once briefed Pendulum were tasked with the creation of the initial branding alongside the full design and development of the platform’s web application.

Built from the ground up, we firstly devised a series of wireframes in order to tie-down the system architecture and user interface design. Having gone though many stages of wireframe refinements we reached a point where the web app design could begin. Of critical importance was the ease-of-use for the end user. And the ability for a user to post polls quickly and on any device. As such the design was kept highly functional and true to the wireframes. A key part of the design process was a series of user group tests, after which feedback was given allowing us to refine certain aspects of the interface architecture.

Responsive web app design

Multi-device mobile app screen design and development

The process

Once the user interface design visuals were approved we began work on the web app development to include the database setup, API, React user interface and custom administration areas, along with the AWS (Amazon web services) architecture, chosen to help scale the platform.

The user interface development phase followed an agile, component-driven approach, ensuring a high focus on the details of the user experience set out by the design team. This ensured visual accuracy and a thoroughly tested final deployment of the finished platform.

Polling and account pages design on iPad

Polling and account page design shown on tablet

Tablet homepage design

Homepage design shown on tablet

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