Cricket sports analytics software user interface. UI design on desktop

Project summary

Pendulum Creative were approached by Cricket PIR to design the front-end Cricket sports analytics software user interface they’d devised, in order to show in-game statistics for professional cricket players and the clubs they represent. The project was undertaken in conjunction with an external development agency who specialise in the development of sports statistics based systems.

Cricket PIR iPad user interface layouts
Cricket PIR app design on iPad

The process

The project was highly complex, involving the analysis of data stored in spreadsheets. A key area was deciphering this data and deciding what graph types would be best suited to represent this data visually. Not just for single players and clubs, but the ability to be able to compare multiple players and clubs alongside each other. Pendulum Creative initially worked on a functional and adaptive design, based on the bootstrap framework.

This allowed for effective placement of large amounts of information, data and statistics relating to each player and club. Once in place, all data and statistical graphs were created. All the individual on-page elements were designed and shown in place and finally we produced a comprehensive ‘developer guidelines’ document allowing for an extremely efficient onward development process.

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